The fun and learning starts in 4-H Programs! We have a wide variety of high quality, hands-on programs that are organized around the areas in the list below. Detailed information can be viewed at the Virginia Cooperative Extension website.

Program Areas
  • Animal Science
  • Careers and Economic Education
  • Citizenship
  • Communications & Expressive Arts
  • Family Sciences
  • Foods, Nutrition, and Health
  • Leadership and Personal Dev.
  • Natural Resources and Environmental Education  
  • Plants, Soils, and Entomology
  • STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
  • 4-H Intermediate Congress
  • State 4-H Congress
  • National 4-H Congress
  • International 4-H Youth Exchange
  • 4-H Citizenship Washington Focus
  • LifeSmarts
  • County 4-H Horse Show
  • District 4-H Horse Show
  • State 4-H Horse Show
  • County 4-H Dog Show
  • State 4-H Dog Show
  • 4-H Shooting Education
  • Virginia 4-H Dairy Poster Contest


Presentation Contest       

Presentation Contest

4-H presenters teach their audience "How To" do something.  Your presentation may be on "How To" bake a cake, patch a bicycle tire, groom a horse, make an electric lamp, plant a garden, etc.

(Note: Live animals may not be used.)

  Other Contest Areas
  • Public Speaking
  • Hippology (Horse Bowl)
  • Dog Bowl
  • Share-The-Fun
  • Fashion Revue
  • Northeast District 4-H Contest


Every presentation has three (3) parts - the introduction, body, and summary.  In the introduction, tell who you are, what your topic is, and how and why you chose your topic.  In the body, tell and demonstrate how to do something.  In the summary, review the main points of your presentation and ask if there are any questions.  While posters have been the traditional visual aid- slides, tapes, transparencies, and any other means may be used. All work must be completed by the 4-H member.

The presentation should be appropriate for the age and experience level of the 4-H'er and sufficient in length (time) to cover the topic.  In most cases the time range will be: Juniors 2 - 5 minutes, Intermediates 5 - 10 minutes, and Seniors 10 - 15 minutes.

Presentation or Public Speaking are VRS Club requirements each year. You may pick one or do both. Our members have gone on to compete at district and state levels. Their growing confidence speaking to the public at various functions will follow them on through college and their desired careers.

VRS Horse Program

VRS loves horses!We have many members that own their own horses as well as members who just love to be around them. Our club puts on horseshows from April thru November as club fundraisers.

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